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Public Address and Voice Alarms for Public Evacuation and Safety Announcements

When you need a Public Address or Voice Alarm for Public Evacuation and Safety Announcements, we have the solution you are looking for.

We provide a highly integrated PA/VA system from the UK leading manufacturer Penton UK.

The IDA8C controller supports up to 48 simultaneous audio channels and is equipped with four remote ports for paging consoles, nine monitored EVAC inputs, eight contact outputs, a fault & EVAC relay output and can backup the monitored 100V amplifiers with up to two spare amplifiers. Each speaker zone consists of separated A and B legs complying to BS 5839 Part 8.

The IDA8C is able to monitor and log the status of all the device components in the system.

The ATEÏS local & global network supports redundant loop cabling, back-up amplifier switching/sharing and back-up redundancy in case of a controller or amplifier failure. These features provide the highest level of redundancy and offers complete real-time monitoring to ensure a secured installation.

Ethernet communications can be utilized for software control, configuration and audio distribution.

The IDA8 provides a highly integrated PA/VA system which is certified to EN54-16 and UL60065. The system features emergency messaging, paging, audio streaming, priority control, VoIP, 3rd party control, message storage, playback, recording, scheduling and more.

The IDA8 system is a fully digital and networked PA/VA system with fully adjustable DSP parameters.

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Suitable for any size or location

The IDA8C controller is suitable for use in any installation size, whether is a Local Net system up to 256 zones or part of a much larger Global Net system of up to 8,192 zones. Each unit can be fitted with 2 additional 4-channel input or output cards to connect external sources. Any function relevant to distribute emergency signals is constantly monitored and fall-back options are available for any fault that may occur. The large amount of available DSP components for signal processing provides the flexibility to achieve the best possible audio reproduction in a wide range of acoustic environments

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